As journalism is evolving with technology, new forms of storytelling are becoming more important and more expected by consumers. This page shows some of my "new age" skills. 


Google Maps

This map was made as an assignment for Online Journalism at UConn. The numbered points identify places I visited on a trip to Ireland last summer. Each point features the name of the site with an original photo from my visit. 


Data Visualizations

For a UConn Geography course (Visualizing Geographic Data) I explored the use of data visualizations in journalism. My research paper, below, looked at the benefits, possible negatives, and different ways the technique could be utilized by journalists. It also included an interview with a UConn Online Journalism professor about the evolution of digital-centric journalism. Throughout the course I was introduced to, and learned the basics of, visualization techniques including HTML, CSS and Javascript coding, Leaflet, and ArcMap.