North Haven girls rugby fosters toughness, teamwork

April 2019 - Record-Journal

NORTH HAVEN — While most high school practices were canceled or moved inside Monday afternoon, the girls rugby team gritted their teeth and practiced in the pouring rain.

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Durham dog owner competes in Westminster show

February 2019 - Record-Journal 

DURHAM — Early Sunday morning, Jeanine Dell’Orfano rose and began the long process of washing, and drying, two Bergamasco sheepdogs.

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First responders reflect one year after North Haven explosion injured SWAT members

May 2019 - Record-Journal

NORTH HAVEN — One year later, the explosion that injured nine members of a regional SWAT team during a standoff continues to reverberate as first responders reflect on the incident.

Dealing with Drought (multiple stories)

Fall 2016 - UConn Online Journalism course

This page created for a UConn journalism course, looks at the current drought levels in Connecticut while adding some context and history to the almost unnoticed status.

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